Page Turners

So, when I am not writing, I am reading. And when I am not reading or writing, I am running a charity that I founded called Project Bookmark Canada. Project Bookmark Canada puts text from stories and poems in the exact locations where literary scenes take place. We have 12 Bookmarks around Canada and are working on building a network of hundreds of sites and stories so that we can all read our way right across the country.

It's something I feel passionate about. This month, 30 prominent readers and writers are telling their fans and friends that they love Bookmark too. It's called the Page Turner campaign. Every day in April, one fabulous champion -- from Kate Beaton to Margaret Atwood to Guy Gavriel Kay -- is making the pitch: for $20, less than the cost of the average paperback, you can become a Page Turner and help build this CanLit legacy. Here's a little video about the campaign that I made with my daughter, Beatrice.

Follow along. Join in!