New dates, new(ish) story, new book

OK, apparently blogging is not one of my strengths, as evidenced by my last post -- WAY back in September as Sleeping Funny was just coming out. Not so proud of that. I am very pleased with all the great audiences I got to read to -- in person and on line -- during the fall tour. And now I am flabbergasted to find that the winter/spring gigs have crept up on me. I'll be reading in Mexico, Ontario, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan over the next few months. Please see the listings to the right, if you'd like to come out.

I am also delighted that in fall 2012, The Globe & Mail ran a new story of mine called "The Idea of Kentucky." I'd written some of this story years ago, but it stayed in embryonic form until this fall, when I rewrote it and sought a blessing from my trusted editor at Doubleday Canada, Lynn Henry before it received its public debut.

I'm delighted to say that Lynn and I will be working together again on my novel, tentatively titled Conduct, which Doubleday has purchased. Thanks to my excellent agent Samantha Haywood of Transatlantic for arranging the deal. And thanks to everyone who has sent me their excited congratulations. OK, but here's the thing: you will still need to wait a while to read it! It is -- as they say -- "in progress." Suffice it to say that the next few months also have some research and writing trips to Pittsburgh and Muskoka, the novel's two main locales.