Laying it Bare (for the Books)

It's often said that authors should lay themselves bare on the page. Now, a couple of young reader/writer types (the energetic Amanda Leduc and Allegra Young) are putting Canadian writers to the test. Twelve of us (yes, I said "us") are participating in the Bare It For the Books 2014 calendar, in support of PEN Canada.

Over the next 10 months while the calendar is being put together, you'll hear much more. There will be Twittering and also tittering, I am sure. And though my dear friend since-university-days Emma Waverman suggested that my willingness to doff my dress was somewhat predictable, I am sure that I will be doing a fair bit of blushing at my own photo shoot for the May page. (Blushes, and other things, can be fixed with PhotoShop -- right?)

But I love a good idea and a good cause. And sometimes the sillier and crazier, the better. Check out the bods of the Bare It For the Books brain trust in this National Post article. And please visit the site on IndieGogo.