Digging Reader's Digest

One of the stories from Sleeping Funny is published in the August edition of Reader's Digest. It's the shortest piece in the whole book -- just the right length for a brief reading encounter in a magazine also chock full of pieces about things like improving your life through better breathing (makes sense to me!) and polar bears trying to survive melting ice.

"Digging for Thomas" is a spare little piece about a WWII widow building a Victory Garden to nurture herself and her son in their loneliness. The magazine has billed it as a story about hope. You can read it on page 96, right after the profiles of Canada's Olympians. It is also keeping fine company with an excerpt from Julie Wilson's Seen Reading.

The great thing about having a story in Reader's Digest is not just the number of homes the magazine goes to, but the number of places it hangs around -- long after the next issue, and the next, have come out. I expect to be getting calls for years, hearing that such-and-such just read my story while they were waiting to get a root canal.